• "Our relationship with God depends more on God than it does on us. It's not really our grip on God that matters, but God's grip on us that matters. And he has a good grip."


  • "We are the called out ones. Called out at a great price, to live life together in a manner worthy of Christ"


  • We are the Body of Christ called to be Jesus in every neighborhood in our city and beyond.


OHC Story

From the earliest days, God has given this church a vision of reaching the city of San Antonio for Christ, and God is still calling Oak Hills Church toward that vision. The elders and ministers have sensed God's leading to bring his grace and love into every neighborhood in San Antonio. Our calling is certain:

We are the Body of Christ called to be Jesus in every neighborhood in our city and beyond

San Antonio is the seventh largest city in the country. It has ten districts and two thousand identified neighborhoods. We believe God has called Oak Hills Church to bring his truth into every district. Ten eventual Oak Hills congregations throughout San Antonio equal about 200 neighborhoods for each Oak Hills location. This is our strategy for penetrating the city with the presence of Christ.

To reach more people and bring the presence of Christ into every neighborhood, we need to make more room.

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God has given Oak Hills Church a vision for reaching our city and beyond. We are being called in three specific areas: our Outer West campus, our Crownridge campus, and Global Outreach, to help facilitate the growth of the Church and to be a light to the city of San Antonio and the world. For these ministry opportunities we need to raise $30 million over the next three years. As part of this campaign:

$8 million will be used to build a permanent facility for our Outer West congregation

$25 million will be used to expand our current Crownridge facility

$1 million will be used for Global Outreach

This totals $34 million. We currently have $2 million set aside for these projects and believe an additional $2 million will be raised over the next few years through regular giving and expense savings. The remaining $30 million will be raised in a capital campaign in which we are asking all Oak Hills Church families to prayerfully consider making a three-year commitment above and beyond their regular giving.


  • Completely new 35,000 square foot campus with parking on 11 acre site
  • 850 seat auditorium with fellowship area
  • Multi-use classroom space for Bibleland and other ministry usage


  • New 2,600 seat auditorium with enhanced lighting, sound and video
  • Expanded Bibleland space to accommodate anticipated growth
  • Remodeled existing worship space to create 900 seat multi-use venue


  • Partner with Pioneer Bible Translators to fund its new 5,000 square foot office building used to recruit, train, and send the next generation of missionaries
  • Assist our missionaries and trusted partners in strategic efforts to demonstrate God's love and provision


What's the goal?

Our goal is to raise $30 million dollars over the next three years.

Why now?

Over the past two years, the elders and senior staff leadership have been thinking and praying about the best way to expand the ministry of Oak Hills Church. They have been aware of the crowding at the Crownridge campus and have exhausted all reasonable efforts to increase capacity there without building. After much discussion throughout 2014, concluding with 40 days of prayer this past fall, the elders agreed that it was time to move forward with the expansion plans at Crownridge, the construction of a permanent home for the Outer West congregation, and with increased investments with our global ministry partners.

What are we asking?

We are asking all Oak Hill Church families to learn about the vision for our future, get your questions answered, and then pray a very simple, but powerful prayer: "God, what are you calling me and my family to give toward this vision?" We ask that you spend an extended season in prayer listening to God. He has something he wants to say to you and it will be different for every individual.

From March through May, we are asking each individual or household to evaluate their priorities and spending, consider their current and future resources, and determine how much God is calling you to give above your normal giving. We are not asking for equal gifts, but equal sacrifice as God directs. Commitment Weekend is May 2/3. Listen to what God is calling you to do and become part of something truly amazing. God wants to multiply the efforts of his people beyond their greatest dreams.

Isn't this church big enough?

God has clearly blessed our church and has given us a vision to reach into all the neighborhoods in San Antonio and in other locations where he has called us, like Fredericksburg. God wants all people to know him through a relationship with his son Jesus. Until that is done, we are not finished, and must be obedient to grow where and how God directs.

When will these projects start, and when will we be finished with these projects?

It is our hope to begin construction at Crownridge in early summer, 2015 and to break ground at the Outer West by early fall, 2015. It is our hope that both facilities will be finished before Christmas, 2016.

How much will all of this cost?

The Crownridge expansion will cost approximately $25 million. The Outer West campus will cost approximately $8 million and we are targeting a $1 million investment in our global ministry partners.

Will there be an Acts 1:8 Offering in 2015, 2016, and 2017?

No. For those years, we will invite anyone not currently participating in the We Are Called vision campaign to give a gift at year end.

Funding for our global ministry partners that normally is provided through Acts 1:8 will come from the 2014 Acts 1:8 Offering, monies from the We Are Called vision campaign, and through regular giving.

What about traffic and parking? Will Crownridge be able to handle more cars?

We will be adding additional parking and believe the roadways will be able to handle the increased traffic.

Will we be debt-free?

It is our plan to complete this project without going into long term debt.

Is my giving toward the We Are Called vision campaign in addition to my regular tithe?

Yes. All gifts to the We Are Called vision campaign should be above and beyond your normal giving.

Will my gift be confidential?

Yes, like all giving to Oak Hills Church, your gifts are confidential.

What type of items can I give?

The tax code is very generous on a Gift-in-Kind. By transferring ownership of an asset to the church and letting us sell it, you can eliminate potential capital gains taxes and increase after-tax proceeds. Appreciated investment property held more than one year (such as stock, mutual fund shares, bonds, and real estate) can be given. Personal property such as cars, jewelry, and boats may be given.

What will happen if we raise more / less than the goal?

As with all major decisions, the elders will prayerfully consider what should be done if we raise more or less than the goal.

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